Virtual CFO Services

When you are at a point when your organization is hoping to take a leap in its development, getting Virtual CFO Services by the GreenBooks Consultant can give the finance-related support and key direction to accomplish your objectives.

Your on-request Virtual CFO Independent Contractors

Why Consider CFO Services?

Cash flow management

Deal with your capital runway, obligation commitments, and guarantee the capacity to put resources into new tasks

Fundraising support

Plan for the planning, arrangement, and level of financing required to help business tasks

Profitability optimization

Distinguish chances to enhance edges through granular analysis of channels, service lines, items, and so forth.

Internal system implementation

Set up frameworks and controls over your business to quicken development.

Exit strategy

Prepare your company with defensible financials and a logical strategy BEFORE an interested party comes calling

Tax Prep

Make tax time less of a hassle and headache 


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