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Frequently Asked Greenbooks Questions

Why do I need more than just bookkeeping?
Having great accounting will guarantee you have productive bookkeeping frameworks.
What services can you provide?
Our bookkeepers are able to satisfy almost all of your financial requirements. Including;

  • General Bookkeeping
  • Accounting systems and setup
  • CFO Services
  • Project Management


Why choose First Class Accounts?
What is good is not cheap and what is cheap is not good.
Can you work at my premises?
If you are located in close proximity this is possible.
What Makes CFO Strategies Different from the "average Accountant?"
What makes CFO Strategies distinctive is that while we have the hands-on understanding to give chronicled money related data like most bookkeepers, we are diverse in that we are forward-looking CPAs that assistance administration foresees and plan for what’s to come.
How Much Do These Services Cost?
We tailor our services to each client’s specific needs and cost varies based on the number of days per month/week and the number people on site. However, we do our best to provide our services at an affordable cost.
What Does the CFO of a Company Do?
The CFO supervises all bookkeeping and monetary revealing for an organization and deals with the organization’s money and financing. The CFO is additionally a confided in money related counsel to the proprietors as well as top managerial staff and takes an interest in vital choices.

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